Costume jewellery


Jewellery offers women the opportunity to unveil her different faces. One day eccentric, another more structured, the jewel adapts to the dress and the mood of the day.

ATOLL offers throughout the year a very wide selection of trendy costume jewelry, ethnic and authentic.
Amerindian, African or Asian inspired, most of authentic jewelry is made by hand.
From very colorful jewellery to metal jewellery, from chocker to necklace, from cuff to fine bracelet, not to mention earrings, bag’s jewels and head jewelry there is one for every style.
Different ranges of jewels are offered: beads, mother-of-pearl, horn, wood, leather, resin, metal, feather, pompons, fur …
To this is added some artisanal creations from Amerindian spirit with dreams-catchers or Indian headdresses adorned with real feathers.
Jewels that are easy to wear everyday but also ceremonial jewellery for every budget.